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Field of Work

Commercial Law
The field of commercial law encompasses status (startup of businesses and subsequent changes of its status format) and corporate law (right to manage businesses), as well as creating tools of commercial trade (all types of trade contracts, collateral, securities etc.).

Collection of accounts receivable
Amidst of huge internal insolvency in BiH, collection of accounts receivable is highly critical. To resolve the problem, creditors can utilize not only coercive measures for enforcement of due claims (enforcement or bankruptcy court procedure), but other as well (compensations, factoring, debt restructure etc.).

Bankruptcy as the system for collective satisfaction of creditors is filed in a situation where debtor is no longer capable of paying its debts as they become payable. As the most complex court procedure, bankruptcy provides excellent opportunity for collection of due claims, accompanied by possibility for reorganization of bankruptcy debtor, under the conditions prescribed by the law.

Basic information

Attorney at Law
Feđad Začiragić

Field of work
Commercial law, collection of claims, bankruptcy

Sarajevo School of Law, September 1995

Bar exam taken

Admitted at Barr Association in Sarajevo
October 15, 2006

Fluent in
English, Bosnian, Croation, Serbian

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